Student support

Student support is at the same heart of the student success.

Under a student-centred learning perspective, giving support to students is a powerful tool to engage them and increase retention, enhancing their academic performance, integration and satisfaction and promoting sustainability and continuity of education, that is, long life learning.

The final goal of this field of expertise is to empower students to become long-life self-directed and regulated learners in online and blended-learning environments.

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Theories of Student Support for Retention

Sudent Support

Innovative Student Support Solutions for Large Groups

Student Support

Student dropout in distance education - how many, who, when, why, what are the consequences and how do we overcome them?

Student Support

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Success and risk profiles of Distance Education Students:
Student Support Services in large and small institutions. Some examples:

Innovative Student Support Solutions for Large Groups:
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Anadolu University

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