Sharing expertise

Empower is about sharing expertise. Our objectives are:

  • To establish pools of expertise in all relevant areas for the development of new modes of teaching and learning, embracing:

    • Course related expertise: course and curriculum design, access to knowledge resources, student support, assessment online.

    • Institutional development:  staff support services, enabling good teaching and learning; institutional innovation strategies and management.

    • Governmental policy: fine-tuning institutional policy and governmental policy.

    • Some expert areas specifically focus on blended education, open and flexible education, continuous education, international education and OERs and MOOCs.

  • To involve associate universities, which are a frontrunner or want to accelerate the adoption of an innovation policy in new modes of teaching and learning by:

    • Setting up a framework for the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

    • Capitalising on patterns of good practice of course and curriculum design.

  • To set up a collaboration in situ between expert pools and the associate universities on pre-selected domains by:

    • Developing leadership ( a vision, policies and strategies) at a programme and/or an institutional level to keep the organisation continuously innovative and effective.

    • Sharing experience and expertise at the staff and management level.

    • Implementing solutions with a high impact on practice in different areas.

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