The management and use of knowledge resources

The use of knowledge resources and libraries is at the centre of the learning experience in traditional and online universities. In technology-enhanced learning methods prescriptors (professors, tutors, librarians and others) can easily link knowledge assets with every single learning unit, creating specific knowledge libraries bound to specific subject curriculums. To ensure the intensive use of e-knowledge and e-libraries by professors and students not only do we need to have expertise in knowledge and learning management, but we also need to design and embed complete information literacy skills actions into university programs.

Empower experts are highly qualified professionals who can help an institution to design an online/blended environments in order to:

  • Gain  "knowledge literacy" skills defined as including information literacy, digital literacy, basic research, media skills;
  • Define a strategy and policies including legal questions to manage and use collections;
  • Apply learning analytics over the knowledge resources and library collections;
  • Have an international, multilingual and multicultural vision applied over knowledge resources;
  • Define the role of the library and the professional skills of librarians in order to become best allies of the professors in the learning process;
  • Revamp library services and spaces and enrol library partners in order to facilitate the new environment that students need.