Activities of EMPOWER

EMPOWER supports universities on a European level by sharing expertise: How to become part of this?

1. EMPOWER on-site

Work closely together with invited experts on-site in direct relation with the institutional challenges on introducing and /or optimising new modes of teaching.

EMPOWER is  offering on-site collaboration between EMPOWER experts and the hosting universities. These universities want to accelerate the adoption of new modes of teaching and learning by sessions on-site within the direct context of the university. All to be organised in cooperation with the institutional coordinator and in direct relation to the identified needs of expertise. The institutional needs for expertise are identified in an institutional profiling exercise organised by EADTU. The programme of each on-site visit is therefore tailor-made in accordance with the priorities based on a dialogue with relevant experts. 

”The EMPOWER experts who came to our university last year gave us inspirational workshops. They made us realise the importance of a good pedagogical framework. With these new tools and insights we were excited to start a participatory process.”        

Prof. Dr. Kira Kastell, Vice President of Academic Affairs & 
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schrader, Vice President Research, Further Qualification and Transfer
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

On-site approach:

  • Management and expert meetings on innovation and transformation
  • Strategy meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Developing an institutional roadmap for change and implementation 

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2. Join us online: EMPOWER webinars

The twelve different expert pools organise various free webinars about topics important to their field of expertise. Take a look at our free upcoming webinars and check out all the recordings and presentations of the past webinars.

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3. Two day academy sessions: Empower Online Learning Leadership Academy (EOLLA)

Within the EMPOWER programme an Online Learning Leadership Academy has been developed. The academy is an exciting and unique professional development programme. It aims to support the needs of both experienced and new and emerging institutional leaders responsible for a variety of online, open and flexible learning initiatives in higher education. Participants will have an opportunity to share experiences, both online and face-to-face and learn from a number of case studies, which attempt to reveal both the challenges and opportunities of leading in an era of change.

The academy is designed around the principles of active learning and includes activities like high-level discussions, creative problem solving and strategic thinking in response to new and emerging models of teaching and learning. Five experts from the field will explore real dilemmas, challenging case studies and future scenario’s, to better understand the development of strategic, research-informed response to opportunities and threats facing HE. 

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4. Meet the experts: Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference (OOFHEC)

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5. Get the Empower Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities

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6. Become an EMPOWER Associated University

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