Assessment, examinations and certification

Empower offers experience and expertise in a range of assessment methodologies for students working in online or blended environments.

Technology-enhanced assessment (“e-assessment”) offers the potential to deliver summative, formative and diagnostic assessment to assess a range of learning outcomes for large student numbers. The assessment can be embedded within learning design in a way that can motivate students and help them to pace their studies.

We take a broad definition of technology-enhanced assessment to include:

  • Computer-marked assessment (including sophisticated questions which can, for example, deliver targeted and graduated feedback on questions which require students to enter their answer as a free-text sentence)
  • Electronic management of assessment, which allows for the electronic and return of assignments, marked by humans
  • Online examinations
  • The marking of digital artefacts (audio, video, software, digital papers)
  • The assessment of synchronous and asynchronous group interaction
  • The assessment of ePortfolios
  • Electronic tools to assist in the process of peer review

Learning analytics enable us to use data to improve the learning process for students, both directly (by delivering learning that is personalised) and indirectly (by informing teachers of common misconceptions and informing learning designers of what works well and what does not).

Empower experts are available to help you to address some of the misconceptions surrounding assessment in online/blended environments, as well as challenges and opportunities including:

  • The assessment of prior learning/diagnostic testing
  • Authenticity of assessed tasks
  • Authentication/identification of students
  • Plagiarism and developing good academic practice
  • Online marking
  • Examinations in remote locations
  • Achieving quality and consistency of marking and feedback, for work that is marked by many different people in different places
  • Assessment of very large courses, including MOOCs.

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