Diversity and Inclusion


EADTU members have a dedicated task in organising education for disadvantaged groups of students by offering them easy accessible learning paths made fit for a great diversity of students. Open Universities are inclusive, innovative and responsive, promoting social justice and equality of opportunity and represent strategic positioning of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Meet our experts on Diversity and Inclusion

Alain Boivin, FIED
Dominique Poincelot, FIED
Barbara Steh, University of Ljubljana
Björn Fisseler, FernUni Hagen 
John Butcher, Open University (UK)
Achilles Kameas, Hellenic Open University
Tiberio Feliz Murias, UNED
Hakan Aydin, Anadolu University
Marianna Leikoma, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Paivi Vartiainen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

EMPOWER offers

The Empower experts represent a great variety of policies, approaches, expertise and experiences in the field of Diversity and Inclusion (DI). They will be sharing expertise and knowledge on:

  • Institutional strategies for DI, including examples from practice
  • New developments in the field of diversity and inclusion
  • Research and innovation within and outside the EADTU membership on diversity and inclusion 
  • (inter)national policy agendas (eg. funding for facilities and actions) 


Tools & resources


Webinar week: Diversity & Inclusion in Online Education

8 and 10 June 2021

Accessible educational games: challenges and opportunities

by Lobna Hassan (Tampere University, Hanken School of Economics)

Dr. Lobna Hassan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies (GameCult) at Tampere University and a visiting postdoctoral researcher at Hanken School of Economics. Her talk will focus on the importance of accessible games for education.

The lived experiences of students with disabilities

by Israel Reyes (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Israel Reyes is a Doctoral Researcher at the Open University of Catalunya. His presentation will be oriented on the lived experiences of students with disabilities at UOC during the lockdown and the lessons we can learn from the situation, in order to improve the support for this population in the coming future.

HOU openly supports diversity and facilitates inclusion

by Achilles Kameas (Hellenic Open University)

Achilles Kameas is Associate Professor of Pervasive and Mobile Systems with Hellenic Open University (HOU).

Open Universities are able and entitled to play a key role in facilitating an inclusive education not only by supporting but also by encouraging diversity; let’s not forget that valuing diversity in one of the pillars of European culture. As is the case with Open Universities, also in the topic of inclusion, their role cannot be confined within the boundaries of their campus and community. In Hellenic Open University, we take initiatives and implement projects that support diversity and facilitate inclusion at citizen and societal levels. In my lecture, I shall talk about a multitude of actions that we implement at HOU, which deal with many facets of inclusion, such as competences and skills (especially digital and entrepreneurial), groups (especially elderly, women and migrants) and sectors (especially education) and I shall present some key enabling results that we have achieved.

The institutionalization of diversity and inclusion. Lessons learned

by Tiberio Feliz Murias (UNED)

Tiberio Feliz Murias is Director at UNIDIS, UNED's service for students with disabilities, whose main objective is that students with disabilities who wish to study at UNED can enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

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