OERs and MOOCs

MOOCS and OER have raised tremendous interest by higher education institutions worldwide. They are seen as a means to increase the accessibility and quality of higher education. The European Commission expects that open education will be a means to develop 21st century skills and to address the problem of early school leavers and high rates of unemployment (of younger adults). On the other hand, there is at the moment little guidance and orientation available for institutions that would like to develop their own strategy.

EMPOWER experts can help you to develop an open education strategy for your institution. This strategy development takes into account the educational, organizational, legal, technical, economical and last but not least quality assurance aspect of open education. More specifically, the experts can support you in questions related to open licenses, platform hosting, accreditation, target group identification, educational and didactical approach and questions of deployment and support. The approach followed by the experts is based on European values like diversity in terms of culture and language and openness.

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