Contributing universities

Empower Expert Universities 

Together with OpenupEd and E-xcellence, Empower is one of the services of EADTU. Currently, the following Empower expert universities participate:

OU 50logo Anadolu UniversityNw Fied logo UOC kuleuven ghent
OUC FernUniversitaet in Hagen OUNL UNINETTUNO Logo UNED OUI UniDistance
Universidade Aberta Aarhus Logo hou JKU logo logo JYU The UoE logo TU Delft logo RGB

Empower Associated Universities

Empower Associated Universities are connected and engaged higher education institutions in the process of integrating new modes of teaching. They are part of innovating education and operational in the transition to blended and online education.

Being an Associate of the Empower programme, universities can benefit from sharing expertise and collaboration on the latest developments in the field, contributing to their European positioning related to innovating education. For more information and related costs contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find all the benefits of being an Empower Associated University below. 

European positioning of your university
  • become EMPOWER Associate, and generate exposure as a university connected to blended education experts and expertise
  • become invited to European events on innovation in education related to new modes of teaching
  • present good practices of your university at European events
  • participate in mainstreaming strategy and innovation seminars
  • cooperate with EMPOWER experts
  • let your interests be part of EADTU's consultations with the EU
  • show involvement by the EMPOWER associates logo for your university
Sharing Expertise
  • become connected with the most prestigious European universities, consortia and research institutes and in European projects through a single access point
  • become invited for related events European wide, exclusively for project partners extended with EMPOWER associates
  • receive latest information on research and developments, especially concerning advanced application of ICT in education and training environments
  • find input from good practises in universities' strategies
  • become part of a platform for bilateral and multilateral cooperation with fellow universities
  • find contacts with external networks
  • be part of the EMPOWER staff exchange programme
  • Optional extension; become an associate in quality for e-learning (E-xcellence Associates' Label);
  • Optional extension; becoming partner of the OpenupEd initiative on MOOCs
  • receive EADTU's bi-monthly Newsletter and use it as your platform to the world of HE;
  • join EADTU's annual conferences as an EMPOWER associate at a reduced fee

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