Institutional policy and strategy development for new modes of teaching and learning

The future is uncertain. More than ever we need to develop the right types of institutional policies and strategies for a constantly changing world. When done well policy can be an important enabler that helps us to envisage different future scenarios and make explicit the choices we face in shaping a better future. It can also constrain those choices unless we develop the right architecture for our respective institutional cultures. Therefore it needs to live within the institution and should be seen as both an iterative process and outcome.

Policy and strategy development also needs to engage a range of stakeholders and requires leadership at all levels – top down, middle out and bottom up. The people with specific expertise in this area are able to assist other institutions to build a framework for policy and strategy development, which identifies the key drivers, most appropriate consultation processes, timeframe, structures, business models, implementation plan, and so on. They have considerable experience in policy and strategy develop and welcome opportunities to assist other educational providers in harnessing the affordances of new open and online learning pedagogies and digital technologies in supporting 21st Century learners. 

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